Weather and Almanac Website (info269.com)

INFO269.com is a website we developed to showcase Linux server automation. Every 30 minutes a cron entry triggers a php script to run which retrieves the local weather data from the NOAA and two times a day a script uses ImageMagick to create an updated forecast graphic and every minute a script runs to update custom weather and time widgets which can be placed on other websites. The front end of the website was developed in PHP which reads the weather data stored in a MYSQL database.

Popular Blogger Resolves Wordpress Woes (outinmichigancity.com)

John Livelsburger is a popular blogger and LGBT rights activist who uses Wordpress. John needed a self-hosted wordpress website that could stand up to denial of service attacks and the myriad of robots that target websites using the blogging software. We setup a firewall and dedicated Linux server for him and implimented SSL so he can blog securely.