More Services

Web & Email Hosting

Web and Email Hosting Packages are available through our service provider partners. 1&1 IONOS and Digital Ocean. Both providers offer reliable service and competitive packages.

Network Management

Configuration of DNS servers (A, PTR, MX, etc). Configuration of firewalls (hardware, software ie. ipchains/iptables). Configuration of VPN servers and clients. Configuration of reverse proxies and proxies. Configuration of network equipment including routers, servers, and clients.

Data Scraping

Custom scripts to retrieve data from an API, rss feed, text file, or serial input that populate local databases.

Automated PDF and Image Generation

Scripts that create PDF and image files from data. (ie. Monthly Sales Report, Customer Receipt)

Website Templates

Install and customize templates to create a professional looking website.


Apache is the most widely used web server package. It's robust and also complex. Fresh installs, tweek performance, and setup even the most advanced options like SSL, URL rewriting, and security.


MySQL is one of the most widely used database servers. Install and tweek MySQLD. Repair corrupted databases.


Installation of wallets, RPC, nodes, cryptonote pools, and miners.